If you fancy fishing for Bass like this please get in contact:

Max Bond
Light Line
Saltwater Game

Station Farm

Tel: 01473 327085

Email: max@suffolkbass.co.uk


We have had many impressive catches of more than 40 good fish on trips both in Ireland and Suffolk this season. However, the most impressive part of our track record is the ability to avoid the dreaded duff trip and every single angler fishing with me caught Bass last year.


Managing expectation is difficult, but essential and our records from last season show an average of 24 fish per six hours, with fish between 2-6lbs on every trip.


The fish are much bigger in Ireland, rarely do we catch fish under two pounds, with the average fish between three and half / four pounds. Our target fish are the five to seven pound fish, of which we caught plenty last season and we also managed a handful between seven and 12.5lbs. On two thirds of our days we captured more than 15 Bass in a day. Which is why I would settle for half as many fish this season!

Fish aside, I can assure you, a sunrise or sunset in these unspoilt waters can be an unforgettable experience and I guarantee adventure.