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Max Bond
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Suffolk has several estuaries which are teaming with Bass. Fishing these waters makes it possible to fish for the "God of Fish" in lake-like conditions, unlike fishing in the sea, which can so often seem an ordeal, rather than a pleasure.

Being based near Ipswich puts us in striking distance of the Orwell, Stour and Deben estuaries, each of them more than eight miles long and often over a mile wide. These vast bodies of water are full of features, sand bars, piers, groins, gullies and large expanses of shallow water.

These estuaries are exploding in natural food. This in turn leads to an extraordinary population of Bass and an abundance of other wonderful wildlife.


We fish from a fast running White Shark sport walk about boat.
The boat 's 150hp engine allows us to switch location and move to a new destination or river without wasting valuable fishing time. We have pioneered lure fishing on these waters, which helps us to avoid the zillions of small Bass.
The boat is equipped with eight light carbon rods, built for casting, trolling and fly fishing.

We have a fantastic track record with those of you who like to take Bass on the fly. By imitating small fish, it is possible to drift shallow water or fish to sand bars with some wonderful results.

The undulation of the estuaries leads to many sand bars which at times are full of Bass. Years of obsessive practice with lures has taught us a great deal about this fishing and taking a catch from a bar, without spooking the shoal is an art and great fun. There are also a number of piers where these predators lurk and casting close or even under them can be testing and rewarding. We also practice the conventional method of fishing under gulls. This is an exciting way of fishing. As the Bass strike at the fry they are forced to the surface, casting lures in to this frenzy of Bass striking on the surface is electric.

The boat is perfect for trolling and is equipped with 120 lures. Years of processed data from our experiences with trolling has helped us to understand, what, where, when and how the Bass fall for these splendid replicas.



The price of £400 covers fishing, use of the boat and its fuel, the guide, fishing and safety equipment. Food and drink are provided.

An additional person

The boat is ideal for two fishermen and the guide, however, there is plenty of space for a third angler or passenger if you wish. There is no additional charge.