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Max Bond
Light Line
Saltwater Game

Station Farm

Tel: 01473 327085

Email: max@suffolkbass.co.uk

Bass fishing in Ireland Bass fishing in Ireland Bass fishing in Ireland


At present the Bass fishing in Ireland is insane. A ban on the commercial fishing of Bass in the eighties has led to an exciting increase in numbers around its shores. So long as this now fragile ban remains in place, the sport will be safeguarded.

I owe my insight into Irish Bass fishing to a friend I met in Russia Peter Aspinal. Pete has been fishing for Bass and Salmon, both of which are on his doorstep for 16 years. He has witnessed the revival of the Bass and knows the 40 miles of coast around him like the back of his hand.

Our fishing is carried out in a few feet of water (normally three) with very light tackle. We respect the Bass as a sport fish and the King of the Sea. Our approach is not to be confused with heavy tackle fishing so often used by most sea anglers.


We often use two kayaks to make us more mobile and improve presentation. The ability to cover vast areas in total silence led to some fantastic catches last summer. Simply being afloat can be a lovely adventure and many have said catching the fish was just a bonus.


During our travels we have found the most fantastic hotel perched above one of the beaches we fish. 30% of the fish caught last season, were caught a short walk from where we slept. The hotel is well suited to the non fisherman with: an amazing indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room, gymnasium, snooker room, lounge with 60 sofas / armchairs overlooking the Atlantic and two restaurants.


We collect you from Cork airport, either the evening before or early on the morning of day one. Day one we fish for three hours at first light and then have a full cooked breakfast around 10ish. This is followed by a couple of hours off and a longer session in the afternoon, back in time for a civilised dinner.

Day two mirrors day one and day three sees either a very long morning session or an early morning session with quick turn around at breakfast followed by a 17.00hrs dash for the airport.

We can of course tailor these packages in anyway to suit you with more/ less days, more/less fishing and variations on accommodation.


Ireland - Option One

Fishing with Max and upto two guides
Total cost for four anglers is £3200, 3 anglers £2700, 2 anglers £2000.

Included: Return flights London Stansted / Cork transfer to and from hotel. Running about to fishing locations.

Accommodation, including breakfast. Three guides (including me), all fishing tackle and bait/lures.